Annotation Type AlsoLoad

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface AlsoLoad

    Annotation which helps migrate schemas by loading one of several possible properties in the document into fields or methods. This is typically used when a field is renamed, allowing the field to be populated by both its current name and any prior names.

    When placed on a field, the additional names (document field) will be checked when this field is loaded. If the document contains data for more than one of the names, an exception will be thrown. (orig @author Jeff Schnitzer for Objectify)

    Scott Hernandez
    • Required Element Summary

      Required Elements 
      Modifier and Type Required Element Description
      java.lang.String[] value  
    • Element Detail

      • value

        java.lang.String[] value
        An array of alternative fields to load should the primary field name be missing in a document.