Class Shape

  • public class Shape
    extends java.lang.Object
    This encapsulates the data necessary to define a shape for queries.
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      static class  Shape.Point
      Defines a Point
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      static Shape box​(Shape.Point bottomLeft, Shape.Point upperRight)
      Specifies a rectangle for a geospatial $geoWithin query to return documents that are within the bounds of the rectangle, according to their point-based location data.
      static Shape center​(Shape.Point center, double radius)
      Specifies a circle for a $geoWithin query.
      static Shape centerSphere​(Shape.Point center, double radius)
      Specifies a circle for a geospatial query that uses spherical geometry.
      java.lang.String getGeometry()  
      Shape.Point[] getPoints()  
      static Shape polygon​(Shape.Point... points)
      Specifies a polygon for a geospatial $geoWithin query on legacy coordinate pairs.
      com.mongodb.DBObject toDBObject()
      Creates a DBObject from this Shape
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